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Buckle & Jones locksmiths offer a quick response so you are not left standing on your door step. If you are locked out of your property or have lost keys, our skilled and professional locksmiths are ready to help.

As professional locksmiths we will open your door by lock picking or drilling the lock, keeping any potentially costly damage to the surrounding door to a minimum.

Buckle & Jones can gain entry to most locks without having to change the lock, enabling the continual use of your existing set of keys, which can be a real help if you have accidentally left your keys in your house and are now locked out.

Emergency Locksmith

  • Locked Out
  • Lost Keys
  • Lock Opening Service
  • Lock changes and Upgrades
  • Damaged or faulty locks
  • Burglary repairs
  • Lock repair/lock upgrade
  • Safe opening
  • Free security Advice

Reasons to Change Locks

  • Could you exit through all necessary doors and windows in an emergency?
  • Does your property have adequate physical security?
  • Do you have keys to all your doors and windows, for general access and opening?
  • Are some of the locks broken or are any of the locks damaged?
  • Do your locks meet British Standard 3621:2004, now a stipulation on most insurance policies?

Moving Home

Moving house is a highly stressful experience so it is no surprise that securing your new home by changing the locks can be overlooked. However, unless you knew and trusted the previous tenants it is unlikely that you will know exactly how many sets of keys were cut and are in circulation for your new property

We strongly recommend changing your locks for your family's safety and your peace of mind.

Buckle & Jones Locksmiths can change locks on doors and windows, including garage doors, external doors and gates, Our Locksmiths can also check that existing window locks and door locks have been installed correctly and all external doors are secure and conform to current British Standards thus complying with insurance needs.

By not changing the locks and ensuring that all points of access around the house are secure, you could be putting yourself and your family in unnecessary danger. Furthermore, if you were to be broken into and possessions damaged or stolen your insurance claim may be void, as some insurance companies will state that if you have not changed the locks on moving house then you have not done enough to secure your property and prevent a burglary.

Security Upgrades

Most Insurance companies recommend that locks on all external doors should be upgraded and replaced with locks, tested to BS3621:2004, which can be identified by the British Standard Kitemark symbol.

Mortice Locks

If your locks do not meet your insurance company's requirements, you will not be covered if the worst happens. Many properties have not had the locks changed in many years and still have 2 or 3 lever locks on the doors. These are now only suitable for internal doors! When fitting new locks, we fit BS3621 2004 locks on external doors as standard.

Cylinder Locks (Yale Type and UPVC)

We can upgrade most night-latches (Yale type locks) on wooden doors to a variety of different grades of security. We can even fit BS2621 versions. One of the main things to look for with a night-latch, is whether your lock has an Anti-slip device. This will stop the door being forced open with the old 'credit card' technique. We can also upgrade the cylinders to higher security versions. We fit many different types of higher end cylinders. Although we fit 6 pin, anti-drill cylinders as standard, we can supply and fit even higher security cylinders on request.

A common weakness on UPVC doors and any other door using euro or oval cylinders, is snapping (whereby the cylinder can be snapped in half and then access gained quite easily) and many people are increasingly becoming concerned about 'bumping' (whereby a lock can be 'bumped' open with a specially cut down key). Both of these methods are regularly shown on the Internet.

We can upgrade your cylinder to virtually any type of high security cylinder, including; bump resistant, snap resistant, pin in pin and restricted profile cylinders.

If you are concerned that your locks are not up to insurance standards, you can call us and we will gladly conduct a free, no obligation survey to see if your locks need upgrading (please have your most recent insurance documents to hand, as requirements can vary from one insurance company to another.

Additional Security

There are some cases where your insurance company may insist on additional security for your property to comply with their regulations. This is often in the form of window locks (usually these should be operated with a key). Many insurance companies require bolts or 'key-operated' bolts (such as rack bolts) to be fitted to patio or French doors. Although very rarely mentioned in insurance documents, we would highly recommend having Sash Jammers fitted to your UPVC doors. In the case of the security on your lock being compromised, these are a very affordable way of keeping your door held closed and therefore a very good additional layer of security.

Price Guide

  • Front, back, patio & garage door -
  • UPVC Door Cylinders Replaced -
  • Locks Changed -
  • 2 UPVC Door Cylinders Replaced -
  • From £130.00
  • From £55.00
  • From £70.00
  • From £95.00
  • 3 UPVC Door Cylinders Replaced -
  • Mortice Locks Changed Replaced -
  • Multipoint Lock Mechanisms Replaced -
  • Emergency Call Out Charge -
  • From £65.00
  • From £90.00
  • From £45.00
  • From £50.00

For anything not covered on the above list please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

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Access & CCTV

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  • Video and Audio Door Entry Systems Designed to suit your requirements - Both small residential and multi site systems.
  • Simple code or proximity systems to fully computerised single and multi site systems.
  • Automated Gate and Barrier Systems.
  • Service solutions on new or existing systems.
  • Automated door openers and closer's
  • Mechanical and Digital door locks.
  • Magnetic lock Mechanisms

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With CCTV you can all too easily finish up with the wrong system or paying too much, here at Buckle and Jones - we will:

  • Give you free, accurate advice and help you to establish your precise needs.
  • Install your new CCTV system to the highest possible standards at competitive rates.
  • Ensure you know how to use the equipment to its amazing full potential.
  • Offer support from our manned offices and answer any future questions you might have.
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We all worry about our valuables being lost or damaged no matter what their value, as your child's first school report is just as precious as your pearls. At buckle and Jones we can supply and deliver all makes of safes and security cabinets to protect your possessions from theft and fire.

We deliver to most areas of the UK and can provide everything from small house safes to large commercial safes for businesses.

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  • Fire safes
  • Wall safes
  • Underfloor safes
  • Laptop safes
  • Computer data safes
  • Security cabinets
  • Key safes
  • Commercial safes
  • High security safes
  • Document safes
  • Vaults
  • Vault doors


  • Alpha
  • Burton
  • Chubb
  • Churchill
  • Pheonix
  • Rosengrens
  • Rottner Security
  • Safe International
  • Secure Line
  • Securi Key
  • Sentry Safe
  • Yale

Double Glazing

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UPVC Double Glazing

These days double glazing is a common feature in houses, and making them secure is imperative. At Buckle and Jones, we can provide you with, not only locks and keys, but also replacement double glazing and glass for all types of windows, doors and conservatories.

Our glaziers use only the highest quality products and all doors and windows have a multi-point locking system and a colourfast guarantee.

We are CERTASS registered, and can therefore offer a 10 year warranty on all products. Our products are also guaranteed to conform to the latest British Standards for energy and safety.

Our spares and repairs department offers:

  • Double glazing
  • Door and window locks
  • Handles
  • Hinges
  • Letter boxes
  • Security cabinets
  • Gaskets
  • Replacement glass sealed units

We can also carry out repairs to existing UPVC, aluminium and wood windows, doors and conservatories.

For anything not covered on our list please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

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UPVC Spares

upvc spares carlisle

UPVC Spares

We have unrivaled stock in the area of UPVC Spares , and if we cant get you sorted straight away we promise to have it in the very next day.

We Can match almost all UPVC Hardware . There are Over 50 Size Variations in UPVC Door Handles and we Carry Most on stock.

We stock a huge Variety of cylinders and for all applications from budget to maximum security.

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  • UPVC Gearboxes
  • UPVC Window Gearboxes
  • Drive Gears
  • Like for Like Replacements
  • UPVC Lock Upgrades
  • Yale Doormaster Stockists


  • PAS24 Security Handles
  • Letterboxes
  • UPVC Door Handles
  • Window Handles
  • Door/Window Hinges
  • Knockers
  • Additional Security


  • Euro / Oval
  • Rim / Screw in
  • Half /Thumbturn
  • Scandanavian
  • Anti Snap Cylinders
  • ABUS / Schlage 2000+ / MulTLock / UAP+

Auto Locksmiths

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Modern day vehicles are equipped with immobiliser systems that require communication between the key and the vehicle for it to start. The vehicle key has a small micro chip known as a transponder that holds specific information in relation to the vehicle and communicates with the vehicles immobiliser/ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Buckle and Jones have the equipment to arrive at your vehicle, cut a new key and program it to the cars management system. We also have the ability to delete the old key information from the vehicle to inhibit the old key from being used to start it.

Some vehicles use a key remote function to operate the central locking and alarm, but not all vehicles need a key remote and a normal manual key can suffice for a temporary solution. We cover most vehicle manufacturers and can usually attend the same day. If you find that you have lost your car keys or snapped the key in the door or the ignition then phone our free phone number below for a prompt, courteous service.

Auto Locksmith

We are able to offer an on-site car key cutting and programming service in Carlisle, Cumbria, South West Scotland and Northumberland. If you find that you have lost your keys or simply locked them in your vehicle we can take the stress out of your situation by quickly and efficiently getting you back on the road. We will have your car open and replacement keys made in the shortest possible time, with no damage to your vehicle.

Common Issues

  • I have broken my key in the lock.
  • My keys have been lost/stolen.
  • My keys are locked in the vehicle.
  • I need a spare key.
  • I have lost my remote & need a new one.

Vehicle Range we cover:

We can offer our services to any of the below vehicles although if your car/van is not on the list we still may be able to help feel free to call us:

  • Vauxhall
  • Ford
  • Renault
  • Rover
  • Nissan
  • Peugeot
  • Volkswagen
  • Audi
  • Skoda


  • Vehicle Entry - From £65.00
  • Lost Key Situations - From £145.00
  • Duplicate Keys Cut & Programmed - From £35.00
  • Replacement Remote Fobs - From £40.00
  • Remote Battery Replacements -From £2.50

key cutting

key cutting services carlisle


Our trained locksmiths can cut almost any key in our workshop. We can supply keys cut to code for a whole range of items. All we need is the code off the lock or key. Buy online and have keys delivered to your home via our Locks and Keys web site. We can cut and supply most high security keys and Old Fashioned cast iron keys can be cut to suit original vintage locks in house. Most Church/Old style locks are obsolete and are unavailable so this service could be invaluable.

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  • Over 3000 Keys In Stock.
  • 14 Key Cutting Machines In Store.
  • Manufacturing of Unusual Keys.
  • All Keys Cut While You Wait.
  • Laser Cut Keys Sent By Post
  • Unbeatable Discount On Bulk Orders


  • Garage Doors.
  • Roof Boxes.
  • Office Furniture.
  • Vehicles / Caravans.
  • Cash Boxes.


  • Tubular / Radial Pin.
  • Mul T Lock.
  • Chubb Ava.
  • Abus Plus.
  • Safe Keys.
  • Most Restricted Profile Keys.


  • Cast Iron Keys.
  • Church Keys.
  • Repair & Renew Locks and Springs.
  • Same Day Service Available.
  • Customers include Carlisle Castle and Many Churches Across Cumbria.

composite doors

composite doors carlisle


Composite doors are quickly becoming the choice for exterior doors on many buildings due to the huge advantages that Composite doors have over wooden doors, steel doors and UPVC doors.

Composite Doors are weighted to match that of a wooden door. They do not warp, twist or bow in reaction to seasonal changes. Traditional, wooden front doors require regular maintenance to prevent rot and warping as they age including; painting, varnishing and waxing. Opt instead for a composite door.

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